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Drag & drop images, text, video and audio files.
The platform will automatically create cards for you from your added files.
Easily turn your cards into captivating stories. Add components like e.g. image, audio or video galleries, timelines, maps, texts and images.
Preview your stories on the profile page.
Share beautifully crafted stories on your profile page or social media channels.

Unique features

Data injection and storage

  • Drag & drop drive automatically generates content cards.
  • Batch import services allow integration with pre-existent platforms.

Content and data enrichment

  • Metadata inclusion based on A.I. techniques.
  • Object recognition.
  • Sentiment analysis tools.

Content curation

Human and AI content curation tools to decipher meanings and establish smart connections between items.


Creation of multimedia stories based on data collections that come to life in no time.